Tuesday, September 27

£1.99 Disney Plus Day deal ends soon, last chance to get Netflix rival for a bargain price

The £1.99 Disney+ offer ends Tuesday 20 September and the offer is no longer available after 8am BST.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing to Disney+ for a while, this really is a deal you can’t miss.

For less than a sandwich or a coffee, you will have access to a wealth of content to enjoy for a month.

Disney+ of course includes the back catalog of Disney and Pixar family hits, plus all the Star Wars and Marvel movies.

But there’s so much more to Disney+ than that. In the three years since the launch of Disney+, the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video rival has built up an incredible and ever-growing library of exclusive content.

Disney+ is home to hit original series like The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Hawkeye, and She-Hulk.

And more and more original content continues to be added to Disney+, with the new Star Wars Andor series releasing on September 21 – which comes a few months after the launch of the Obi-Wan Kenobi show starring Ewan McGregor.

On top of that, Disney+ – unlike other streaming services – gets hit Hollywood movies a few months after it first airs in theaters.

Thor: Love and Thunder – which only hit UK cinemas in July – launched on Disney+ on Disney+ Day earlier this month.

While Disney+ is also home to the recently released new Predator movie, Prey, which was a hit with fans and critics alike.

This all adds up to the wealth of other great content available on Disney+, such as every episode of The Simpsons, classic shows like The X Files and Buffy, and other iconic and timeless movies like Die Hard.

The £1.99 Disney+ deal was in place ahead of a fast approaching price hike that hit the US in December.

This price hike comes with the launch of a new ad-supported membership tier in the US later this year.

It has not been confirmed whether the UK market will also get a similar price increase or not, but if you want to try Disney+ for a bargain price before committing to the full cost of the subscription, this deal is for the duration £1.99 limited is a great option.