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AI-generated art reimagines Chris Farley as the Joker

AI generated art of Chris Farley as The Joker

Artificial intelligence can help us produce realistic images that would not otherwise be possible. One of the latest examples of this innovative technology is a series of AI-generated portraits that depict the late SNL actor Chris Farley in the iconic Joker guise of the Batman comedy series.

These realistic images feature the comedian with distinct clown makeup, dyed orange-green hair, and a bright purple costume. Each of the three portraits has slight variations in the color scheme of costume and makeup. Despite the made-up appearance, it’s fairly easy to make out Farley’s likeness, allowing the viewer to easily imagine him in the role.

Midjourney AI created these insightful portraits, which were then shared on Twitter. Although it’s been 25 years since Farley died of a drug overdose at the age of 33, these photorealistic images have audiences wondering how the real-life actor would have played Gotham City’s most famous villain.

AI-generated art reimagines SNL actor Chris Farley as the Joker of the Batman comedy series.

AI generated art of Chris Farley as The JokerAI generated art of Chris Farley as The Joker

h/t: [Screen Rant, Reddit]

All images via Billy Mays III.

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