Tuesday, September 27

Apple iPhone 14 compared: why the Pro is definitely the way to go

A batch of new iPhones are set to land in stores later this week, including a refreshed one iPhone 14, larger iPhone 14 Plus and feature rich iPhone 14 Pro models. All of these devices benefit from upgrades such as useful satellite technology allowing owners to send text messages even when there is no mobile signal. Apple is also bringing a feature called Crash Detection to these phones which automatically calls emergency services and sends the exact location of the crash in case you need help.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are available for pre-order now with the new Plus model arriving next month and if you’re thinking of upgrading, it’s definitely worth considering the more expensive Pro and Pro Max.

Express.co.uk was present at Apple’s launch event in Cupertino, California and has already got its hands on these latest and greatest devices. While they all impress, there are a few changes coming to Apple’s more premium smartphone that really set it apart from its cheaper sibling.

First, Apple has completely redesigned the Pro’s notch now with an interactive upgrade called Dynamic Island. This small black bar, which contains the front camera and Face ID technology, constantly changes with animations that appear when receiving calls, messages, playing music and even setting timers. It’s not only smart but incredibly useful and intuitive. In fact, we would go so far as to stay, that changes things a bit.

The notch has long been a controversial design on the iPhone and Apple has really pulled something special out of the bag to make it an upgrade that users are sure to want on their devices.

Along with that ever-evolving notch, another feature you won’t find on the standard iPhone 14 is an always-on display. The Pro can now be set to glow even in sleep mode with screen dimming so it never goes black. After seeing the always-on display in action, it’s really impressive because you see your wallpaper, messages and notifications at all times and Apple promises that it won’t harm battery life. That’s all thanks to the fact that it’s enabled by a new 1Hz refresh rate and several power-saving technologies.

So there you have the new display features, but there are more reasons to go Pro, including the latest and greatest A16 Bionic processor which is now hidden beneath the solid Ceramic Sheild design.

Apple says this chip offers huge performance gains over previous A15 brains in the iPhone 13 line. Unlike most years, where Apple’s updated processor is stuffed into all of its phones, you won’t not that powerhouse under the standard iPhone 14 shell with those cheaper call makers still using the A15. That 2021 chip isn’t exactly slow, but things have been taken to a new level with the Pro phones now 40 per cent faster than their rivals.

The final reason to splash some more is that the camera with the triple lens snapper is now able to take even better low light images. For the very first time, it also has a new 48 MP main camera with a quad-pixel sensor that adapts to the captured photo. This should mean that every photo taken on the phone looks like it was taken by a professional.

There’s also a quad-pixel sensor that enables a 2x telephoto option for full-resolution photos and 4K video without digital zoom. This delivers optical quality at a familiar focal length, which is ideal for features like Portrait mode.

Other upgrades coming to the Pro include a brighter display with ProMotion technology for faster scrolling and you can buy it with 1TB of storage – that’s almost double what the iPhone 14 offers .

Yes, the iPhone 14 Pro now starts from £1,099, which is over £200 more than the iPhone 14, but it sure does feel like all of these exciting new features are worth blasting through.

Express.co.uk has already published our iPhone 14 first impressions and we hope to bring a full review of all the latest iPhones soon, so watch this space.