Tuesday, September 27

Apple iPhone 14, Pro, Pro Max and Plus orders face huge delays

Apple customers who want to get their hands on the all-new iPhone 14 lineup may have to wait a long time for their orders to arrive, as reports suggest the new products are being delayed until late October.

In one of the industry’s biggest dates of the year, the iPhone 14 was released last week, and eager UK buyers were able to pre-order on Friday September 9, before the handsets hit the shelves. stores this Friday, September 16.

But delivery delays will now mean some shoppers will receive their orders more than a month after they are available to buy in stores.

Birmingham Live has checked availability on Apple’s UK site, and the dates for each of the four phones in the newest range are all delayed.

Shoppers who pre-order their new phones are also unable to pick them up in store, meaning many will be stuck with delayed dates.

The standard iPhone 14 is the least affected with delivery times expected between September 21 and 23, just a week after it goes on sale in UK stores.

Its largest version, the iPhone 14 Plus, is next on the list and would arrive around October 7 if ordered today, September 13.

But nearly a month after the iPhone 14 line goes on sale in stores, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will only ship between October 12 and October 26.

So for shoppers who chose to pre-order their latest device as soon as possible after launch, they’ll have to wait almost twice as long as shoppers who go to the store on September 16 to buy.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is a popular choice among the four newest phones, featuring new camera tech with supposedly ‘film industry standard’ quality, but buyers will have to wait longer to get their hands on it. above.

We checked pre-order delivery times on a 512GB iPhone 14 Pro Max in Dark Purple, and if it were pre-ordered today, it wouldn’t ship until October 19, at the earliest.

In addition to the issue, consumers have also taken to social media to share their struggles trying to place orders on Apple, with many reporting “error” messages when checking out online.

Color choices also seem to influence availability, with popular choices like Space Black and Silver being more in demand.

Apple has yet to confirm why there are such delays, and not all retailers seem to have the same problem.