Tuesday, September 27

Cyberlink positions its PowerDirector suite as an alternative to Adobe

CyberLink has announced an update to PowerDirector, its media editing suite, which it says brings even more artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted tools and templates, making it easier for creatives to access advanced editing. .

The Taiwan-based company, which has developed and owns more than 200 patented technologies centered on multimedia software and AI facial recognition, says the creative suite (which includes PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, AudioDirector and ColorDirector) has been updated. updated to include several new smart assistance tools. , studio-quality effects, and enhanced precision controls that combine with updated templates and guided edits to enable users, from beginners to advanced professionals, “to accomplish even the most complex tasks in a matter of seconds. clicks”. The company positions itself as Adobe’s main competitor.

Cyberlink’s flagship video editing suite, PowerDirector, has been enhanced with several AI-powered tools like AI video object detection that can track people or moving objects and automatically separate them from their backgrounds without green screen, AI Motion Tracking that adds “attention-grabbing” text or graphics that can track objects or people, and access to over 7,000 templates for easy project assembly.

Both versions of the software – PowerDirector and PowerDirector 365 Business – feature over 7,000 video intro templates designed by the company’s “creative community”.

PowerDirector Business now has over 10,000 templates that the company says can be applied with what the company characterizes as a simple three-step process, allowing individuals and design agencies to quickly create social media posts. .

PhotoDirector, CyberLink’s photo editing app, sees a significant number of enhancements and enhancements, starting with the addition of “AI-powered updates.”

AI Denoise, AI Sky Replacements, and AI Object Removal provide automatic editing for some of the most common photography issues. Bokeh effects in the tool have been updated to allow users to control the focal point used by the effect. The company also announced updates to PhotoDirector, providing AI-powered tools that the company says allow users to fix photos in just a few clicks.

In addition to these features, PhotoDirector also includes a new Bokeh effects feature allowing users to control the focal point and the AI ​​will then automatically adjust the depth and distance of the effects to create a “pleasing visual to match any artistic vision”. .

The update also includes several “fun” new features such as AI Anime Face and Cartoon tool which can instantly transform any person’s portrait into an animated classic cartoon character style.

AudioDirector, CyberLink’s audio editing tool, has received user interface updates and features and a new EQ Match tool, designed to automatically balance audio between different clips created with different microphones. The company also announced AudioDirector Online, a free, browser-based version of AudioDirector that includes many of the program’s essential tools at no cost.

Finally, the company says its ColorDirector color-editing tool has seen updates to effects and AI motion tracking, which they claim provides accurate color grading on objects as they move through a scene. stage.

All PowerDirector variants include NVIDIA Broadcast support, and Intel Hyper Encode support is said to increase production speed by 1.5 times.

All of the tools, which are fully explained on the company’s website, are available as subscriptions or perpetual licenses.