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How did Electra Hotels succeed in social media marketing?

Electra Hotels and Resorts marked the debut of its first hotel in 1965. They have further expanded their horizons to multiple locations in Greece and have welcomed over 6.5 million travelers to their luxurious properties.

Their services reflect traditional Greek hospitality and provide a warm environment for their guests. As Electra Hotels has already completed half a century and embarks on another incredible milestone, it aims to create a contemporary experience for 21st century travelers.


Electra Hotels has long maintained its unblemished presence in the industry and wishes to continue it in the digital world. To carry out this mission, they have set themselves the following objectives:

  • Maximum data coverage of hotel mentions on social media and the web
  • Know what is happening in the market
  • Manage their brand reputation
  • Determine the performance of social media campaigns in terms of engagement, social reach and sentiment analysis
  • Adopt an advanced reporting system
  • Improve customer service

What challenges have Electra Hotels faced?

With numerous social media accounts from multiple properties, it was a daunting task for Electra Hotels to oversee the activities of each one. The marketing team wanted to improve their collaboration and ensure that all mentions from websites, social and review sites were under their review, so they could apply an effective reputation management strategy. Therefore, they started looking for social listening tools to get help in managing hotel reputation and improving their operation.

Why did they contact Mentionlytics?

At first, Electra Hotels used other social media monitoring tools. However, they were not satisfied with the data and features provided. The tools didn’t match their goals of covering social mentions across the web and major platforms, assigning tasks to the team, or preparing custom reports to analyze data.

That’s when they started a free trial with Mentionlytics and noticed the difference.

How Mentionlytics helped Electra Hotels achieve its goals?

Maximum coverage of hotel mentions on social media and the web

In the hospitality industry, Google reviews play a vital role in brand mentions along with other sources, such as blogs, forums, videos, social media, and other review sites. to maintain reputation and popularity. This was a feature of great importance for Electra Hotels and that is why the developer team of Mentionlytics customized this feature at their requestboth for Electra Hotels and for other customers.


Know what is happening in the market

Using Mentionlytics, the Electra Hotel team created several competitor trackers to find out what customers were talking about them, their influencers’ activities, market trends, and the campaigns they were running on social media. There “Main keywords“The feature helped them analyze keywords and hashtags used by their industry or competitors, country and channels of mentions, and find posts with a high level of engagement and social reach. They used all of this data to create custom reports and make tactical decisions based on the information available.

Through “Share or Voice“They had a clear view of who is leading the market. They managed to stay on top of the competition based on the information they have acquired for both their actions and those of their competitors.



Manage hotel reputation

Because Mentionlytics covered most channels, Electra Hotels could connect with most of its customers online and resolve issues at the right time. Mentionlytics has also made it easier to coordinate its marketing team by allowing the connection of several team players at the same time and reflects all the necessary information on a single dashboard. Team leaders could assign tasks to their team members and distribute responsibilities because there were a lot of conversations to manage. The Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) alerted them via email whenever it detected an unusual spike in mentions and helped them prevent a coming crisis.

This way, all team members stayed on the same page and formed a uniform strategy that helped Electra Hotels maintain its brand reputation and eliminate all miscommunication issues.

Award a mention - team collaboration

Determine the performance of social media campaigns in terms of engagement, social reach and sentiment analysis

Electra Hotels created a special Valentine’s Day campaign and the Mentionlytics team helped them with relevant filters to get the best results on the campaign reports. The tool’s presentation feature reflected all activity on the dashboard, ranging from engagement to sentiment analysis via pie charts, maps and account summary boxes, and determined the impact of social media campaign. Like their positive sentiment analysis increased by 46.3%it was clear that customers liked the campaign and interacted quite well with the brand. Total engagement increased by 22.4%. The AI-powered Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) guided Electra’s team on their most engaging hashtags and those of their competitors, as well as the tactics that worked in their favor.

dashboard electra-hotel-overview


Adopt an advanced reporting system

Mentionlytics has an exclusive drag-and-drop reporting functionality who helped Electra Hotels create various custom reports based on their goals. For example, they wanted to identify the best influencers in their industry to strengthen their marketing strategy, which became possible with the help of Mentionlytics”Top Influencers Report“. The reporting system is integrated with various filters, which helped deliver accurate results as required by the organization.

Improve customer service

Electra Hotels wanted to improve response time with customers and know every conversation that involved their brand to respond accordingly, such as resolving issues or identifying an engagement opportunity if a customer is looking for a recommendation at a particular location. or to guide it to the destination. . With Mentionlytics, they could monitor all crucial messages in one placestay on top of conversations, reduce their response time and engage with customers.

The results

Total mentions for Electra Hotels increased by 57.9% for the period studied. Additionally, by using Mentionlytics, Electra Hotels improved their workflow with better team collaboration, had better control of campaigns thanks to the information and our customer serviceand assessed the extent of their brand awareness. Plus, they continued to use them to improve customer satisfaction and maintain brand authenticity.