Tuesday, September 27

Samsung is offering FREE 4K TVs and £600 discounts

Looking for a new TV? Your timing couldn’t be better as Samsung has launched an incredible promotion on its online store, with £600 discounts available and a free The Frame 32-inch TV (worth £399) included with your new purchase. Yes, really – you can buy one, get one free with your next TV.

What about the fine print? As you’d expect, Samsung only offers its generous freebie with its high-end TVs, so you won’t be able to buy a new TV cheaper than The Frame and get the 4K QLED model for free. Luckily you can get a discount of £50 to £600 when you trade in an old TV when buying a new one.

Luckily, Samsung doesn’t determine the discount based on the condition, model, or brand of the old TV you’re trading in, just the Samsung TV you want to buy.

So those who want to take the plunge with its flagship Neo QLED 8K TVs will get a maximum discount of £600 applied to their order, while those looking to buy a more modest Neo QLED 4K TV will get a £500 discount. . OLED TVs are £400 off, and you’ll even get £50 when you buy any of the remaining 4K Neo QLED 4K TVs from last year (2021) still available at a discounted price from Samsung’s online store .

What about the TV you trade? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Samsung says it will accept TVs of any brand, any age, and in any condition. Samsung will recycle your old TV responsibly, which means you don’t have to worry about your old electronics harming the planet.

If you opt for the trade-in offer, when Samsung delivers your new TV, the same team will pick up the old TV and take it away for recycling free of charge. All you have to do is point out that you’ll be returning an old TV at checkout and Samsung will apply the discount to your new TV right away! No control, no refund by post, it’s simple.

Samsung is offering interest-free monthly cashbacks on any TVs you plan to purchase under this offer. Repayments can be spread out between 12 months and up to 36 months, so you can slowly pay off the cost of TV with low monthly bills.

For those unaware, The Frame, the QLED TV available for free with a number of Samsung’s latest TV deals, is designed to blend seamlessly into your home decor. When not in use, The Frame can transform into a famous painting or a family photo so it looks – yes, you guessed it – like a picture frame.

Samsung lets you customize the look of The Frame with different bezels, including a wood or aluminum bezel in a choice of 40 colors.

While The Frame comes in 4K Ultra HD resolution (that’s 4 times the number of pixels packed into a standard 1080p HDTV), so you’ll be able to view content from Sky Glass, Sky Q, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+ in the highest resolution available with these subscription services. The latest game consoles also support 4K Ultra HD output, so you’ll also see the extra detail contained in your favorite hit titles.

Meanwhile, the latest Neo QLED 8K TVs offer 4 times the resolution of 4K TVs for an extremely detailed picture. While there isn’t much native 8K content available right now (you won’t find the latest season of Stranger Things, Clarkson’s Farm, or The Mandalorian premiering on streaming services in pixelated format anytime soon), The upscaling technology built into Samsung TVs will strive to improve the quality of existing 4K TV shows and blockbusters.