Tuesday, September 27

They Put GPT-3 In This Robot With Creepy, Realistic Facial Expressions

“Nothing in this video is pre-scripted.”

Welcome to Ameca

British robotics company Engineered Arts has just given its ultra-realistic humanoid robot Ameca a voice – and it has a lot to say.

In a new video, the company showed Ameca having a conversation with a number of the company’s engineers, using a speech synthesizer and OpenAI’s GPT 3, a state-of-the-art language model that uses machine learning. in depth to generate impressive human-like text.

Ameca has already proven to be an impressive display of state-of-the-art humanoid robots, with its uncanny ability to contort its face into extremely believable and human-like expressions ranging from disbelief to disgust.

Now, thanks to the power of GPT 3, Ameca is also able to converse, in an impressive extension of what modern robots are capable of.

Pure AI

When Engineered Arts COO Morgan Roe asked Ameca about humanoid robot applications, she had a surprisingly consistent answer.

“There are many possible applications for humanoid robots,” she said. “For example, helping people with disabilities provide assistance in hazardous environments, conducting research and acting as a companion.”

“Nothing in this video is pre-scripted,” reads the video’s caption. “The model receives a basic prompt describing Ameca, giving the robot a description of itself – its pure AI.”

“Pauses are the time lag necessary to process voice input, generate response, and process text-to-speech,” the company wrote.

robotic friend

As for the evil robots invading the world, Ameca claims she is not a threat. And the conversational system clearly still has room for improvement.

When asked to create a “poem about humanoid robots”, she replied with something that didn’t really sound like a poem: “We are humanoid robots formed from plastic and metal, our job is to help and to serve.”

“But some say we are a threat,” Ameca concluded. “Some think we’ll take over and humanity will end, but we just want to help.”

“We’re not looking to be friends,” she added, sounding vaguely ominous.

But the engineer seemed perplexed.

“It’s an interesting poem,” he replied.

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