Tuesday, September 27

Time to switch from Freeview? Sky offers low prices and that’s not all

If you’ve been planning to switch from Freeview to Sky TV for a little while, today might be the best time to make the jump. A die best Sky deals we’ve seen lately has launched, with the satellite TV company lowering the cost of its popular Sky Q Lite package and frozen invoices for all new customers for the next 18 months. For those unaware, the Q Lite bundle comes with the award-winning Q decoder, which received the full five stars in our SkyQ Reviewsaccess to hundreds of freeview and broadband channels too.

For a limited time, Sky has reduced the plan to just £30 a month, which is great value for money… but that’s not all.

As mentioned above, Sky has also pledged to freeze this reduced price – locking in low monthly bills throughout 2023, so things won’t go up once it announces the usual increases the next day. next year. If that sounds appealing to you, here’s what’s included with the Q Lite bundle.

Sky Q Lite • £30 per month

This bundle, which includes a Sky Q box capable of recording up to six live channels while watching a seventh, can also pause live TV and stream from Apple TV+, Netflix and Prime Video in crystal clear quality. image up to 4K Ultra HD. Sky Q also has voice commands to make it easy to find your next binge watch.

There’s also a 39Mbps broadband, which is fast enough for households streaming a weird movie, emailing and searching the web.

As part of the bundle, there are over 200 Freeview channels, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky Arts, CBS Justice, Yesterday and Sky News. Those who want to watch more will have to pay an extra £14 per month to access premium services such as Sky Max, Sky Atlantic and Sky Documentaries.

Considering that a standard no-TV broadband package from Sky costs £25, this Q Lite package for £30 is good value for money and with the cost of living crisis to come, it’s good that those who sign up will not face higher prices for at least 18 months.

Check out the Sky Q Lite offer here

But before pressing the To buy button, there is one thing to know. Sky has confirmed that it will offer its latest Stream Puck devices to all its customers before the end of the year.

These mini set-top boxes, which until now have only been available with Sky Glass, will bring the full Sky experience into homes without the need for a dish.

Other features of the Stream Puck include voice commands for quick content access and control. This box is fully UHD HD and Dolby Atmos compatible, meaning users will get crisp picture and epic sound when binging on content.

There is currently no word on the cost of the Stream Puck, but Sky Glass starts from £13 for the TV users were then charging £26 for a basic TV package with Netflix. Given that the Stream Puck is simply a streaming box, we’d expect prices to be much cheaper than the Sky Glass TV, but full details will be revealed soon, so watch this space.